Cubase Studio v4.1.1 portable-tested XP/Vista

* Audio + MIDI Recording/Editing/Mixing
* New VST3 virtual instruments and effects
* SoundFrame™ – unique new Sound Management System
* Fantastic-sounding 32-bit Audio Engine
* Full scoring features
* Streamlined feature set tailored for project studios, musicians and composers
* Outstanding value for money, extraordinary price/performance ratio
* Cross platform: Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary (compatible with PPC- and Intel-based

Macintosh computers) New Features
Cubase Studio 4 offers a brand new plug-in set based on the new VST3 standard, as well as 2 top-quality,

outstandingly versatile software instruments with hundreds of ready-to-play sounds. The unique

SoundFrame™ system is a groundbreaking new technology with powerful new features such as Track

Presets, Instrument Tracks and the new MediaBay database, which will revolutionize the way you manage

and access your media files and presets, bringing them directly into the creative composition process.

Composers will enjoy the new professional scoring and notation printing feature set, while the range of

interface and workflow enhancements make working with Cubase Studio 4 fast, efficient and, above all,

extraordinarily creative.

OS : Windows XP & Vista
FILES : 1X43.2mb
FIX : Portable





Added Recovery Record and Tested -:


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