Avanquest Ringtone Media Studio v2.20

Avanquest Ringtone Media Studio v2.20 – (21,22 MB)

Create Real Music Ringtones from Your Favorite Music!

Your cell phone reflects who you are. Customize it with your ringtones, graphics and videos. Ringtone Media Studio puts your hits, retro oldies and favorite music straight onto your phone!

Ringtone creation software. It’s your ringtones, photos and videos on your phone, fast and free!


* MP3 ringtone editor
* Easy ringtone creation from scratch
* Mix tracks & add effects.
* Image & video editor
* Preview phone screen before transfer
* Split & combine video clips
* Bluetooth®/Infrared delivery
* Over the air delivery & file manager
* Automatic phone format selection
* Works with both polyphonic and real music phones
* Compatible with over 800+ phones and all major cell phone carriers
* One-click transfer to your cell phone over the air
* Your own personal online locker to store your digital media
* Transfers any media to your phone
* No subscriptions, no contracts, no pay per download.


* Your Music as Your Ringtone – Take any song and put it on your cell phone!
o Real Music Ringtones – Create real music ringtones from your CDs or mp3s.
o Polyphonic Ringtones – Edit files and easily customize tracks for your polyphonic compatible phone.
* Seamless Over the Air File Manager
o Integrated File Manager – Drag your files over to the locker window and Ringtone Media Studio makes them available for download on your phone.
* DJ Ringtone Studio – Compose your own polyphonic ringtones with just a few mouse clicks.
o Over 30 different instruments and ringtone styles make the possibilities endless.
o Intelligent beat matching ensures that your ringtones sound like they came straight from the studio.


* Includes a library of 8,000+ Real Music and Polyphonic Ringtones, Photos & Videos
* Mobile Backgrounds – Create wallpapers from any digital picture.
* Picture Slideshows – Bring your pictures to life by turning them into a video slideshow. Add transition effects, title effects, and even add your own soundtrack.
* Mobile Videos – Take your videos wherever you go to share with your friends and family.


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